Deterministic Distributed Safety-Critical Real-Time Systems WITHIN the Oasis Approach

D. Chabrol, V. David, C. Aussagu├Ęs, S. Louise, and F. Daumas (France)


Real-Time Systems, Safety-Critical Systems, Distributed Architecture, Determinism, Tools.


Distributed real-time systems have found widespread use in most key industries (nuclear, avionics, automotive, etc). This trend continues, with increasingly intricate systems performing safety-critical functions. Given the current emphasis on system reliability, major efforts must be devoted to demonstrating and guaranteeing their safety. OASIS provides a real-time multitasking and communication approach with a complete set of development tools (e.g. code generation, validation, simulation and execution) to facilitate the design, testing and validation stages complying with prevailing standards. OASIS is specifically geared to building deterministic systems whose behavior is predictable and reproducible in both the logical and temporal domains. Its development package is industrially available for single processor architectures and is presently being qualified for 1E-class nuclear systems. This paper describes our research, which focuses on implementing distributed safety-critical real-time systems.

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