Dynamicity Aware Graph Relabeling Systems (DA-GRS), A Local Computation based Model to Describe Manet Algorithms

A. Casteigts and S. Chaumette (France)


Graph Relabeling Systems, Dynamic Graphs, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Mobility Modeling, Local Compu tations.


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks are those networks that self organize dynamically around a number of equipments such as smartphones, laptops or PDAs. There is a lot of efforts that have been done in the routing commu nity to provide a routing layer on top of which many applications originally designed for standard - static networks can be run. Nevertheless we believe that in many cases the mobility parameter cannot be totally hidden at the algorithmic level, especially when it is a key feature of the problem to solve. Furthermore, when trying to cope with this parameter, designing, developing and proving algorithms is most often very complex. The reason for that is that a terminal can move unexpectedly and this can lead to changes in the underlying associated communication network. In this paper we do not focus on new applications themselves, but we propose a supporting model that we call Dy namicity Aware Graph Relabeling Systems, which is based on the model of Graph Relabeling Systems de scribed in [18]. We present how this model can be used to take mobility into account at an algorithmic level and we illustrate it with some examples.

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