Extended FACE Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

H. Takahashi and H. Higaki (Japan)


Ad Hoc Networks, Sensor Networks, Routing, Location


In an on-demand routing protocol for mobile ad-hoc net works and sensor networks, it is required for a route request message ¢¡¤£¦¥ to transmit from a source mobile computer to a destination one. Here, flooding is widely used. In FACE protocol, no flooding is used and each mobile com puter depends on location information of neighbor mobile computers to determine a mobile computer to which it for wards an ¢¡¤£¦¥ . However, a hop count achieved by FACE protocol is much larger. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes an extended FACE protocol where copies of an §¡¨£¨¥ are transmitted in clockwise and counterclock wise around each divided surface and a shorter transmis sion route is detected. In our simulation results, the pro posed protocol detects 45% shorter route with twice mes sages of FACE protocol, however, the required messages are much less than flooding

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