Real Time Meta Event Specification Language for Java

V. Caruso and S. Midonnet (France)


Real-time Systems, Real-time JAVA, Event Programming, Specification Language.


Asynchronous programming model is widely used in real time applications. Useful System Events can come from external sources (such as hardware interruptions) or from internal program logic. In RTSJ (Real Time Specifica tions for Java) this aspect is Well-defined adding real-time constraints to the classic MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. We have developed a language for RTSJ, called RTME-SL (Real-Time Meta Event - Specification Lan guage), with the aim of controlling a specific context called a meta-event defined by a set of events. The meta-event is an event itself, and it will be triggered when the condition specified in its definition is reached. The handlers bound to the meta-event are scheduled when this condition is verified. A wide range of applications can benefit from this language, an example is provided for failure-prediction of real-time Java applications.

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