Performance Evaluation of INUKTITUT: An Efficient Interface for Asynchronous Parallel Programming Environment Athapascan

N.-A. Le-Khac (France) and E. Edi (Ireland)


Performance evaluation, active message, portable interface of communication, cluster of machine SMP, overlapping, collective communication.


This article presents the performance evaluation of INUKTITUT, an interface that allows effectively and easily carrying of parallel programming high-level environments such as Athapascan on the computing clusters. INUKTITUT contains functions for multithreading and for communications: the intra-node parallelism of processes is managed by threads communicating via shared memory; the inter-node parallelism is exploited by communications based on active messages. This interface also allows exploiting the ability of overlapping communication and computing. Moreover it provides collective communication primitives of active message communication type. We will present in this paper different aspects of INUKTITUT performance especially on overlapping potential and collective communication.

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