Grid Resource Monitoring and Selection for Rapid Turnaround Applications

K. Muraki, Y. Kawasaki, Y. Mizutani, F. Ino, and K. Hagihara (Japan)


Grid, evaluation, rapid turnaround, resource management.


In this paper, we present a resource monitoring and selec tion method for rapid turnaround grid applications (for ex ample, within 10 seconds). The novelty of our method is the distributed evaluation of resources for selecting the appropriate idle resources in rapid time. We integrate our method with the Monitoring and Discovery System 2 (MDS2) and compare our method with the original MDS2 in terms of the performance and the scalability. The per formance is measured using a 64-node cluster of PCs and the scalability is analyzed using a theoretical model and the measured performance. The experimental results show that our method reduces the resource selection time by 82%, as compared with the original MDS2. The scalability anal ysis also indicates that our method can keep the resource selection time within 1 second, up to 500 nodes.

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