A Fixed-Structure Learning Automation Solution to the Quality Aware Application Service Configuration in a Grid Environment

S.B. Musunoori and G. Horn (Norway)


Service Configuration; Scheduling; Learning Automata; Grid Computing.


The significant advancements in grid computing provide a promising platform for parallel and distributed systems. However, achieving acceptable application performance in the grid environment remains a difficult engineering chal lenge. In particular, a class of applications that requires the fulfilment of some quality requirements in order to satisfy the user needs. In this paper we introduce an algorithm to allocate an application’s services to computing nodes. The proposed algorithm is the very first designed and imple mented based on the concepts of learning automata. The algorithm has been rigorously tested and evaluated through extensive simulations on randomly generated application services. The experimental results clearly show that the learning automata based approach is a promising solution technique for configuring applications based on composing services in the grid environment.

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