Packet-Level Simulations of the Flash Worm and the Compact Flash Worm

M. Abdelhafez and G.F. Riley (USA)


Viruses and Worms, Network Simulations


The speed of the spread of Internet worms increased dra matically in recent years. Moreover it is certain that it will continue to increase in the near future with the increase in available bandwidth and network resources. The fastest known worm (only in literature) is the Flash worm, which can infect over a million hosts in less than one second. This paper presents a variant of the Flash worm that we term Compact Flash or CFlash that is capable of spreading even faster than its predecessor. We perform a comparative study between the Flash worm and the CFlash worm using a full packet-level simulator, and the results show the increase in propagation rate of the new worm given the same set of parameters.

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