A Compact and Low-Power Implementation of the Montgomery Algorithm for a Public-Key Cryptosystem

J. Rejeb, C. Madaboosi, and T.T. Le (USA)


Public key cryptography, RSA Algorithm, Modular exponentiation, Montgomery modular multiplication, LowPower consumption, FPGA implementation


In this paper, we present a compact low-power RSA algorithm implementation. Speed and Area optimization in RSA's Modular Exponentiation block is achieved by using the Montgomery multiplication technique. We have designed the Montgomery scheme for a 768-bit key sized RSA algorithm and implemented using two Xilinx FPGA prototypes , Spartan 3s and Virtex 4. Spartan 3s occupies 6722 CLBs at 82 MHz; with a throughput of 40Mbps. Virtex 4 occupies 6974 CLBs at 161 MHz; with a throughput of 80 Mbps. We have estimated the power consumption using Xilinx X-Power tool. Spartan 3s and Virtex 4 consume a dynamic power of 1.148 W and 0.9 W respectively. We compare our results with previous implementations for speed, area, and power consumption and find out that our implementation has 40-50% reduction in power consumption.

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