Efficient Hierarchical Conference Key Establishment in Wireless Networks

S. Eskeland (Norway)


Cryptographic protocols, conference key establishment,


Common for practically all conference key establishment (CKE) protocols is that they are flat, i.e., there is no more than one hierarchical level. However, users may be orga nized in hierarchies so that users in a certain security class can obtain the session keys of the users in the same and lower security classes, while the opposite is not permitted. Hwang and Tzeng proposed a hierarchical CKE protocol with this property, but their protocol doesn’t prohibit users to pretend to have higher rankings than legitimate rank ings. Thus, the Hwang-Tzeng protocol cannot be regarded to provide a secure and trustable user hierarchies. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical CKE protocol for wireless networks that is far more efficient than the Hwang-Tzeng protocol, and that ensures trustable and secure user hierar chies.

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