A Novel Service-Oriented and User-Centric Intrusion Detection System for Ubiquitous Networks

B. Zhou, Q. Shi, and M. Merabti (UK)


Intrusion detection system, serviceoriented, ubiquitous computing, and usercentric


In this paper we introduce SUIDS (Service-oriented and User-centric Intrusion Detection System) for a ubiquitous computing environment like a smart home/office. Existing IDSs (Intrusion Detection Systems) fail to cope with such a highly heterogeneous and flexible environment due to their homogeneous system design and ineffective auditing mechanisms. Featuring a novel auditing mechanism and flexible system architecture, SUIDS can effectively detect malicious activities of inside users. Specifically, the paper shows how service oriented event records and user profiles are used to audit users’ activities and protect various networked appliances against intrusions; how a user-centric approach is used to create a dynamic defence wall or ‘quarantine’ against malicious users; and how devices outside the quarantines are beneficially released from intrusion detection surveillance. As a result, intrusion detection in our SUIDS is more reliable and resource-effective, with a lightweight, adaptive and heterogeneous system design. Our progress on the system simulation is also discussed in the paper.

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