Two Practical Attacks against Bluetooth Security using New Enhanced Implementations of Security Analysis Tools

K.M.J. Haataja (Finland)


Authentication, Bluetooth, Bruteforce scanning, PIN cracking, Security analysis tool, Wireless security.


Bluetooth is an open speciļ¬cation for short range wire less ad-hoc communication. As an interconnection tech nology, Bluetooth has to address all the traditional secu rity problems, well known from the distributed networks but on a new level because security issues in ad-hoc net works are much more complex than those of more tradi tional distributed networks. Moreover, Bluetooth networks are formed by the radio links, which means that there are also additional security aspects whose impact is yet not well understood. New, enhanced implementations of two existing Bluetooth security analysis tools and two new at tacks against Bluetooth security as well as the most feasible countermeasures are presented in the paper. A laboratory environment in which these new attacks against Bluetooth security have been performed is also described.

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