Modelling a Biometric Authentication Protocol for 3G Mobile Systems using CSP

S.A. Shaikh (UK) and C.K. Dimitriadis (Greece)


Biometrics, authentication, 3G, CSP, formal modelling


The BIO3G protocol provides biometric-based user authentication and key establishment in Third Generation (3G) mobile environments. It provides end-to-end user authentication to the mobile operator, requiring no storing or transferring of biometric data and, eliminating the need for biometric enrolment and administration, which is time-consuming for the user and expensive for the mobile operator. This paper presents a formal specification of the BIO3G for the purpose of a formal analysis of this protocol, which is work in progress. We describe BIO3G informally and then model it using the process algebra Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP). We then specify its authentication properties as trace specifications in CSP.

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