On Designing a Virtual Classroom Based on IMS Learning Design and Reusable Learning Resources

F.-H. Wang


Web-based learning, virtual classroom, IMS-LD, learning flow man-agement, learning resources sharing


Recent progress in learning standard development has made it possible to design reusable learning resources for different educational purposes. However, devising more flexible and context-sensitive learning designs is still in its infant stage. In this paper, a design model for a virtual classroom is proposed so that a teacher can develop one based on his or her instructional strategies and teaching styles. A web-based platform, called IDEAL (Integration and Dissemination of Electronic Assessment and Learning) was developed to offer teachers an environment for packaging, managing and sharing e-learning resources and instructional strategies. To promote the reusability and sharing of on-line learning resources and strategies, some well known e-learning standards are integrated, such as SCORM for packaging materials, IMS-QTI for tests and assessments, IMS-RES for testing results and IMS-LD for learning activities and strategies. As a result, teachers can design, manage and maintain their own specific e-learning environments more easily and flexibly by customizing the virtual classrooms generated by the IDEAL system.

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