Webchair: A Web-Based Wireless Navigation Wheelchair System for People with Motor Disabilities

M. Al-Rousan


Powered wheelchair, web-based, disabled people, navigation, wire-less, assistive devices


This article presents the design of a wireless, embedded, and web- based navigation system and its integration with a powered electrical wheelchair. The system increases the autonomy of the elderly and people with motor disabilities by providing the wheelchair with a set of functions that allow the handicapped person to have full control over the wheelchair. Furthermore, the web- based navigation system gives caregivers the ability to navigate the wheelchair from a far distance without the need to accompany the disabled person. This is done through the wireless system and the use of intra/Internet networks. The system is equipped with a wireless camera, which broadcasts live images of the wheelchair and its surrounding environment. Moreover, interaction between the disabled person and his/her caregiver is supported by the system via the web-based interface and via a GSM modem. The design is conīŦgurable such that users can include options that meet their requirements. The system is implemented from off-the-shelf components with relatively low cost and power consumption.

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