Guided Autowaves across a Bio-inspired Excitable System

K. Karahaliloğlu (USA)


Biologically Inspired Circuits and Systems, Cellular Neural Networks, Autowaves, Fitzhugh-Nagumo model, Reaction-Diffusion System.


An application level capability from a bio-inspired neuro morphic system is demonstrated. The system corresponds to a specific cellular neural network (CNN) which was implemented in CMOS. It was shown to propagate trigger autowaves as an excitable media. Here we present for the first time that, in addition to this characteristic, the autowaves can be guided across the 2D network, via programming of resistive coupling strength. Example performances are presented with circuit level numerical experimentation. The results are based on the function and parameter values of the implemented example. If the mentioned functional capabilities are combined, compact computing systems can be implemented in large scale, for specific applications such as path optimization and artificial locomotion.

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