A Proposed Method for Complexity Reduction Algorithm of Wideband AMR Speech Coder

B.S. Yoon, H.J. Kim, M.H. Park, D.G. Gee, and S.I. Choi (Korea)


Speech coder, Real-time Implementation, AMR


3rd Generation Project Plan (3GPP) has standardized the Wideband Adaptive Multi-rate (AMR) Speech Coder for 3GPP-based International Mobile Telecommunications – 2000 (IMT-2000) system. This paper proposed a new method to reduce the complexity of wideband AMR speech coder. Using this method the complexity can be reduced to half of original method with no speech quality degradation. We describe the efficient software scheme and sophisticated hardware design for real-time implementation of wideband AMR speech. We verified complexity reduced algorithm performance using SNR and ITU-T P.862 (PESQ) measure. We also evaluated its real-time operating performance using hard ware test system.

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