Anti-Jamming Performance of Wide Band Multi-User using Chaos Modulation Techniques

S.E. El-Khamy, S.E. Shabban, and E. Thabet (Egypt)


CSK, multi-user detection, multiple access, different chaotic maps, noise and jamming effect.


Chaotic signals can be used to spread narrow band information over a wider frequency spectrum due to wideband characteristics of chaotic signals. One important aspect of performance of any spread spectrum communication system is the ability to resist jamming. In this paper, we attempt to drive general analytical BER for coherent CSK modulation system under a multiple access techniques for multi user noisy and jamming environment (MA-MCSK). The chaotic signals for the users can be derived from a given map with different initial conditions, or they can generated from different maps. Analytical bit error rate (BER) is derived, permitting evaluation of performance for a range of noise level, jamming power, jamming frequency and spreading factor that minimizes the bit error rate.

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