DSP-FPGA Multiprocessor System with CAN, PPI, and Ethernet Interfaces

M. Balzer and H. Stripf (Germany)


Multiprocessorsystem with DSP and FPGA PPI, CAN and Ethernet interfaces Online data reduction (factor 7000) Reduced size and power consumption


For the detection of cracks and corrosion in pipelines an ultrasonic measuring system (pig) was developed. During the pipeline inspection there is no communication to the outside world, the accumulated data have to be stored on a mass storage device. The amount of data for a 250 kilometre run is in the range of about 700 TBytes at a rate of 2.8 GByte/s. This amount of data has to be filtered, reduced and compressed by a factor of 7000 to store it on a robust storage device. To overcome these difficulties a massive parallel multiprocessing system with FPGAs and Blackfin DSPs was developed. The communication and the data transfer between the several units is done via PPI, CAN and Ethernet interfaces. The complete computing power is installed in a volume the size of a half shoe box.

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