Simple Method for FIR Filter Design based on Frequency Sampling Approach

P. Josipovic and H. Babic (Croatia)


digital signal processing, FIR filter, frequency sampling, recursive realization, numerical optimization


A simple method for the design of FIR filters is presented. It is based on small tables of transition-band samples we optimized for various passband/stopband ripple ratios. The required table, corresponding transition samples and filter order can be selected from the desired passband/stopband ripple, attenuation and transition bandwidth. The samples in the frequency domain can be used for recursive filter realization which consists of comb filter cascaded with a bank of resonators. Such realization in some applications may be considerably more efficient than convolution. Proposed design is simple and fast with sufficient accuracy, as by window method. It offers, however, better attenuations, because the transition samples are optimized here for various passband/stopband ripple ratios.

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