Color Correction for Color Distorted Images

F.Y. Shih and Y.-Y. Fu (USA)


Color Distortion, Color Correction, Motion Blur.


Color distortion is less noticeable than noise and blur. Normally color distortion, especially found in the low bit rate JPEG images, does not need to be corrected until it is above the level of JND (just noticeable distortion). The first part of this paper presents a comparative assessment of color distortion in different color spaces for blurred images. Experimental results show that color distortion increases as the magnitude of motion blur increases, and remains in the same level as the window size of Gaussian blur increases. The second part presents two color correction methods: One is RCC (Referenced Color Correction) and the other is NRCC (No-Reference Color Correction). Experimental results show that RCC can correct distortion by 88.3 % and NRCC can correct distortion by 60.71 %. The distorted images can be enhanced to have better perception.

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