Modeling and Simulation of High Capacitance Ratio RF MEMS Shunt Switch

S.C. Saha, U. Hanke, G.U. Jensen, A.M. Bøifot, T.A. Fjeldly, and T. Sæther (Norway)


RF MEMS, modeling, simulation, high capacitance ratio


: In this paper we present modeling and simulation of a radio frequency micro electromechanical systems (RF MEMS) switch for high frequency applications. The switch needs to meet the requirement of an RF specification for phase arrays and other applications for the SINTEF IRRFT project. The specification includes a very high capacitive ratio around 180, with a reasonable pull down voltage. The switch should have an insertion loss less than 0.3 dB and have a high isolation more than 15 dB for the frequency range 10-32 GHz. It is also necessary to have very low return loss preferably less than 20 dB. A capacitive shunt-bridge switch is designed with a single actuation electrode. The mechanical modeling and simulation of the switch is done in MathCAD® . The RF performance is simulated in ADS® with the parameter extracted from HFSS and MathCAD® . The HFSS is used to verify the RF performance and to calculate the inductance and the resistance. CoventorWare® is also used to compare with the modeled and simulated performance, and to extract the different parameters.

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