A 1.5 V, 5 mW Current Mode Analog Baseband Processor IC for Wideband Wireless Systems

F. Baez, J.S. Duster, and K.T. Kornegay (USA)


Analog circuits, baseband, wireless, translinear, current mode, low power


A novel low power architecture and integrated circuit is presented for applications in the analog baseband processing section of next generation wideband direct conversion wireless receivers. The proposed system features current mode signal processing for filtering and analog to digital conversion as well as large programmable gain to handle the large signal variations present in wireless designs. The use of current mode signal processing allows low voltage and low power operation and addresses the design concerns in modern mobile terminals that aim to reduce energy consumption for enhanced battery life. An experimental circuit that demonstrates the feasibility of designing such a system consumes only 5 mW of power at 1.5 V with an input dynamic range of 60 dB, a noise figure of 25 dB and linearity better than + 1 dBm at maximum gain setting in SiGe technology.

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