Transfer and Exchange of Power in DC-DC Converters in Similarity with Entropy Processes

B. Axelrod, Y. Berkovich, and A. Ioinovici (Israel)


Power electronics, DC-DC converters, chaos, entropy.


The transfer process of active power, the interchange of reactive power, and optimization ratios, related to DC-DC buck-converters are analyzed. The proofs of optimization of some criterion functions of power consumption for arbitrary DC circuits are given. The criterion function of the powers in converters is determined. This function indicates the tendency to maximization of the consumed active power and, at the same time, to maximization of the reactive power circulating between the reactive elements, which returns to the power supply. The state function of the process of power exchange is introduced. The similarity between the power increase and increase of entropy is established. The returned power is corresponding to negentropy. The defined functions allow characterization of electrical circuits from the standpoint of order, disorder and irreversibility of processes.

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