Design and Fabrication of a Digitally Synthesized, Digitally Controlled Ring Oscillator

S. Mitchum and R.H. Klenke (USA)


Digital Circuits and Systems, Systems on a Chip 1.


Ring oscillators are important building blocks for integrated circuits. They are simple to construct, have a reasonably low gate count and are reliable. Various architectures suitable for different purposes have been presented. This paper presents a ring oscillator architecture that can be readily synthesized from HDL or digital schematics, has digital frequency control and can be readily stopped and started. Four of these oscillators have been designed into an integrated circuit. The integrated circuit has been fabricated using the AMI05 process (MOSIS Fabrication Part T46T-CX). Five test chips each having four ring oscillators (a total of 20 ring oscillators) have been fabricated and tested. This paper presents the architecture, design and test results of these ring oscillators.

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