On the Pre-Constant Signals of the Teager-Kaiser Operator

A. Restrepo Palacios, L. Wedefort, and J. Quiroga (Colombia)


Teager-Kaiser operator, pre-constant signals, root signals, algebraic curves.


The set of root signals of a nonlinear filter is an important step for its analysis. In addition, in the case of the Teager Kaiser operator (a discrete, nonlinear filter of the moving window type) the characterization of the signals that when filtered become constant, is particularly interesting. In fact, the operator was originally proposed as having the property that, for a sinusoidal input, the output is a constant signal of value the energy of the signal. The rich class of pre-constant signals of the Teager-Kaiser operator, which includes the sinusoids, hyperbolic sinusoids and several pre-null signals, is characterized here.

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