Design of a Chaotic Modulation Scheme based on an Electronic Controlled Colpitts Oscillator

O. Tsakiridis (UK), E. Zervas (Greece), E. Lytra, and J. Stonham (UK)


Chaos, Colpitts Oscillator, Modulator, Voltage Controled Oscilator.


In this paper a modulation method using an electronic controlled Colpitts Oscillator is proposed. An integrated Chaotic Colpitts Oscillator (CCO) modulation system can produce constellations of chaotic patterns in a bifurcation diagram, by creating pairs of specific characteristic values of the oscillator that can be controlled. In this paper, a controlled version of a chaotic Colpitts oscillator is proposed. The important parameters here are the gain (g) and quality factor (Q) of the oscillator. The proposed circuit adds functionality to the classical Chaos Colpitts Oscillator (CCO) idea that produces two or more chaotic and non chaotic signals in a wide operational regime of the active component. The electronic control of the oscillator is a very efficient means of generating a large number of chaotic signals in a short settling time.

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