Biomechanical Analysis of Patellofemoral Joint Prosthesis using Finite Element Method

S. Najarian, M. Rostami, and T. Rezaei (Iran)


Knee, Patellofemoral joint, Prosthesis, Polyurethane disk, Abrasion, Stress, Deformation, Biological system.


In this article, we have analyzed the stress and deformation of patellofemoral joint prosthesis, on which a high tension is applied in different planes and angles by using finite element method as an efficient technique for stress analysis of biological systems. Modeling is done in both sagittal and frontal planes for flexion angles between zero and 130 degrees in increments of 10 degrees. This way, 14 models in sagittal and 14 models in frontal plane were obtained. A two dimensional modeling was performed and effective parameters in patellar joint function in each plane were taken into account and at the end, the results of the analysis were evaluated. Also, stress contours distributions were discussed in the cases that the disk was present.

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