Interaction between the Pelvic Bone and Acetabular Component Parametric FEM Study

O. Jiroušek, J. Jírová, and J. Jíra (Czech Republic)


pelvic bone, acetabular cup, computed tomography, finite element method


The article reports on development of FE model of pelvic bone from a series of CT scans of high resolution. This model is used in comparative study of contact conditions between several types of acetabular components currently used in the Czech Republic. Procedure of development of the surface model as well as the generation of tetrahedral element of high quality is shortly discussed as well as the possibilities of mathematical “implantation” of the acetab ular cup into the pelvic bone using Boolean operations. Af ter a thorough validation of the FE model in a sensitivity analysis using loading from a daily activity of the aver age individual, this model will be used to compare several different types of acetabular cups as well as to investigate possibilities of implant optimal position estimation.

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