Generating Optimal Motion during the Pulling Phase of the Snatch Lift

T. Rezaei and M. Rostami (Iran)


: bar trajectory, dynamic analysis, optimization, snatch, weightlifting, kinematic model


This paper discusses the aim of generating optimal motion and bar's trajectory for a two-dimensional kinematic model of robot with 5-degree of freedom in sagittal plane during top pull phase of snatch lift for 60 kg class weightlifters. Initial and final constraints were considered so that they can have conformity with reality as far as possible. Since the robot stands and moves in vertical plane, it is subjected to the gravity. For this reason, we obtained optimum motion by minimizing the actuating torques in each joint of robot. The optimization problem dealt with pontryagin's maximum principal (PMP) and finally the two-point boundary value problem was solved by implementation of shooting method. Results have drawn with tecplot software.

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