Tablepresenter: A Life-Like Agent Explaining Tables

K. Kondo, K. Yamamoto, and T. Noma (Japan)


life-like agent, interface agent, pedagogical agent, virtual human, presentation, TablePresenter.


This paper proposes a life-like presentation agent system called TablePresenter. In the TablePresenter, a user ed its a table on Microsoft Excel, and also specifies the pre sentation contents for explaining the table in the form of tree structure, called presentation tree. The system then generates animated presentation by an agent. Presenta tion trees have intermediate nodes labeled as “contrast” and “compare,” and such types of nodes are associated with ap propriate speech text templates with gesture specifications. Traversing the presentation tree then yields speech texts for explaining the table, and the resultant texts animate the agent. We developed a prototype TablePresenter system, and it successfully generated animated presentations for ta bles.

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