Navigational Aspects of an Interactive 3D Exploration System for Cardiovascular Structures

T. Wischgoll, E. Moritz, and J. Meyer (USA)


Virtual model, cardiovascular system, fly-through, naviga tion, gamepad, endoscopy.


This paper describes a system which allows the exploration of a detailed geometric 3D model of the cardiovascular tree in a scalable virtual environment in real time. Posi tioning a virtual camera inside the vascular structure for a virtual fly-through can provide a better understanding of the global structure. Vascular bifurcations of high curva ture with acute angles and narrow pathways can be eas ily detected. Especially in a 3D environment, steering and navigation using traditional devices, such as keyboard and mouse, is not always intuitive. This article addresses this need and describes a novel approach to guided, interactive navigation utilizing a multi-functional gamepad for con trolling camera and viewpoint.

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