Navigational Aspects of an Interactive 3D Exploration System for Cardiovascular Structures

T. Wischgoll, E. Moritz, and J. Meyer (USA)


Virtual model, cardiovascular system, flythrough, naviga tion, gamepad, endoscopy.


This paper describes a system which allows the exploration of a detailed geometric 3D model of the cardiovascular tree in a scalable virtual environment in real time. Posi tioning a virtual camera inside the vascular structure for a virtual fly-through can provide a better understanding of the global structure. Vascular bifurcations of high curva ture with acute angles and narrow pathways can be eas ily detected. Especially in a 3D environment, steering and navigation using traditional devices, such as keyboard and mouse, is not always intuitive. This article addresses this need and describes a novel approach to guided, interactive navigation utilizing a multi-functional gamepad for con trolling camera and viewpoint.

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