Three-Dimensional Map Generating System by a Walk

Y. Manabe, R. Yamazaki, Y. Yasumuro, and K. Chihara (Japan)


Omni-Directional Vision Sensor, Multi-Baseline Stereo, Three-Dimensional Map, Pedestrian Navigation


A three-dimensional map is more suitable for pedestrian navigation than a two-dimensional map that is used in ex isting systems, because the three-dimensional map allows a walker to check the present position and destination from arbitrary viewpoint easily. Therefore, a simple method for generating three-dimensional maps is required, while they are usually prepared by tiresome work based on the design for a building, an underground mall, and so on. This paper proposes a generating method of a three-dimensional map based on motion stereo approach using an omni-directional vision sensor, whose position and posture are acquired by an acceleration sensor and a gyro sensor.

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