Haptic Interaction with Computer-Animated Cognitive Characters in Virtual Environments

H. Barthel, T. Bierz, and P. Dannenmann (Germany)


Haptic I/O, Cognitive Characters, Character Animation, Force Feedback, Interactive Visualization


In the project presented here, we combine haptic human computer-interaction with the control and animation of vir tual characters, allowing human users to interfere with cog nitive characters. This approach presents the combination of the haptic framework HapTEK developed at the Uni versity of Kaiserslautern to an component-based animation framework for autonomous cognitive characters (CON TACT) developed at the German Research Center for Ar tificial Intelligence. Using this combination, virtual char acters can be influenced in their environment by a virtual hand, in order to change their precalculated ways, simply by holding the virtual hand in their way. As a reaction to the newly emerged obstacle, the characters calculate a different path in order to avoid the collision with the hand. This of fers interesting opportunities for an interactive cooperation of the human-computer-interactionand autonomous virtual actors.

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