Assessment of Town Planning Decisions as a Novel Application Field for Virtual Characters

P. Dannenmann, H. Barthel, R. Ganser, and G. Steinebach (Germany)


virtual characters, animation, application, town planning


Formal Development Plans are an important instrument to ensure a controlled development of densely populated ar eas. However typical town planning applications work in two dimensions and give the users only a limited impres sion of the area subject to the planning process. Three-dimensional visualization can vastly improve this process and is an ideal means to present its results. However, the assessment of different alternatives with re spect to the activities of the area’s inhabitants is still an open point. With the CONTACT animation system, we present a method to overcome this drawback. Here we use cognitive virtual characters that autonomously plan their actions in order to fulfill a given task in a virtual envi ronment. We utilize this capability for assessing differ ent planning alternatives for a user-friendly public realm with respect to the execution of a number of daily tasks by the area’s inhabitants. Such an animation of the characters acting in the planned environment will give the planners a vastly improved notion of the effects of their decisions and thus will greatly improve the planning process.

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