Integration of Point-based Rendering into a Common Scene Graph System

F. Goetz, L. Hillebrand, and G. Domik (Germany)


point-based rendering, scene graph system, OpenSG, and visualization


Current scene graph systems support a large amount of use ful features and algorithms to enhance the quality and ren dering speed of 3D applications. But they lack the inte gration of point-based objects that can be handled in the same way as triangle-based polygon objects. In this paper we present an extension to a common scene graph system which allows the rendering of point-based surfaces. The point objects can be inserted at arbitrary positions in the scene graph and are rendered together with common poly gon objects in the same pass. The rendering of these objects is done by using only point primitives that are generally faster to render than ordinary (textured) triangles because only one vertex per primitive is necessary. To avoid alias ing effects, a filtering method similar to surface splatting is used. To reduce the rendering time for very complex ob jects, a continuous LOD mechanism combined with hier archical backface culling by visibility cones is provided by the underlying data structure. Finally, our extension con sists of a new OpenSG specific NodeCore class, a utility class for an easier creation of the data structure, and the shader programs.

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