XSplat: External Memory Multiresolution Point Visualization

R. Pajarola (Switzerland), M. Sainz, and R. Lario (Spain)


outofcore visualization, pointbased render ing, multiresolution, levelsofdetail, geometry caching


With the popularity of points as graphics primitives, it is important to handle large-scale point sets that exceed avail able in-core (main) memory. In particular, high-perfor mance level-of-details (LODs) visualization from out-of-core is a challenging problem. In this context we present a novel point-splatting approach, short XSplat, that breaks the main memory barrier. It is based on a paginated multiresolution point hierarchy and virtual memory map ping. The main contributions are a novel block-based sequential multiresolution point hierarchy, an efficient LOD-block paging mechanism and dynamic mapping into video-cache. XSplat is scalable by using sequentialized data structures, and it seamlessly bridges the disk-, main and video-memory sub-systems. Experiments demonstrate the quality and efficiency that is achieved by XSplat.

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