XSplat: External Memory Multiresolution Point Visualization

R. Pajarola (Switzerland), M. Sainz, and R. Lario (Spain)


out-of-core visualization, point-based render ing, multiresolution, levels-of-detail, geometry caching


With the popularity of points as graphics primitives, it is important to handle large-scale point sets that exceed avail able in-core (main) memory. In particular, high-perfor mance level-of-details (LODs) visualization from out-of-core is a challenging problem. In this context we present a novel point-splatting approach, short XSplat, that breaks the main memory barrier. It is based on a paginated multiresolution point hierarchy and virtual memory map ping. The main contributions are a novel block-based sequential multiresolution point hierarchy, an efficient LOD-block paging mechanism and dynamic mapping into video-cache. XSplat is scalable by using sequentialized data structures, and it seamlessly bridges the disk-, main and video-memory sub-systems. Experiments demonstrate the quality and efficiency that is achieved by XSplat.

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