3D Segmentation using Active Surface: A Survey and a New Model

J. Mille, R. Boné, P. Makris, and H. Cardot (France)


3D segmentation, active surface, triangular mesh, greedy algorithm, energy minimization.


Deformable models provide a general and powerful frame work for image segmentation. For the last fifteen years, 3D deformable models have been widely used to find ob ject boundaries in volumetric images. They were devel oped using many representations and evolution algorithms. This paper presents a survey of 3D deformable models ac cording to several criteria, such as the representation and evolution methods. Then, we propose our active surface model, which is a 3D extension of the active contour model. Our active surface is represented by a triangular mesh and deforms according to the greedy algorithm, a local energy minimization method used to fit the model to the data. We introduce two new internal energies insuring surface regu larity and smoothness. The article describes the construc tion of our active surface, the energies involved in the de formation process as well as the results obtained on 3D im ages.

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