Nearest Neighbor Vector based Palmprint Verification

M.D. Jain, S.N. Pradeep, and R. Balasubramanian (India)


Nearest Neighbor Vector (NNV), Datum point, Palmprint.


We introduce palmprint verification, one of the most reliable personal identification methods in the biometric technology. In this paper, a new approach to the palmprint verification based on nearest neighbor vector (NNV) is presented. Initially we find the datum point of palmprint, which have a remarkable advantage about their spatial location. We find all possible line pairs using NNV, followed by a first level preliminary match using the nearest neighbor lines, and then a second level match is carried out by considering the global datum point feature of palmprints to overcome the possible distortion. The two level analyses based on the NNV and datum point helps in effective palmprint verification. With several palmprint images, we tested out proposed verification system and the experimental results shows that the performance of our algorithm is good.

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