Observation of Quiescent State of Muscle Tone by NMR Image Texture Analysis

M. Stupka (Czech Republic)


normotonicity, hypertonicity, hypotonicity, muscle tightness, Texture Analysis of the NMR image


The quiescent muscle tone is a basic condition for a muscle activity. A muscle with a pathologically changed quiescent muscle tone has changed muscle excitability, produces less power, is sooner fatigue and limits the range of motion, which results in a non-uniform load of the joint cartilage, potentially ending with a degenerative joint disease. We distinguish several types of pathologic states of the quiescent muscle tone. We carried out two pilot research studies focused on healthy volunteers and patients with indication of NMR examination of L spine. The number of subjects in the first study n1= 6, and in the second study n2= 12, the total number of processed images: 60, 252 respectively. Both studies confront the clinically diagnosed state of muscle tone with the analysis T2w NMR image of muscle tissue using the Texture Analysis method (TA). Both studies indicate that the classification of images with the TA method highly correlate with classification based on clinical examination at subjects with asymmetrical findings (i.e. comparison of right and left side muscles at one patient). Comparing the individual subjects in the group, a lower correlation was reached. This is probably caused by significant age differences of subjects.

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