Measurements of the Optical Properties of Breast Tissues in Vitro using Mueller Matrix Polarimetry

S. Firdous, M. Ikram, and M. Faisal (Pakistan)


Optical imaging, birefringence, depolarization, laser scattering, breast phantom, and Mueller calculus


Laser transmittion, absorption, and scattering technique for photon migration in human breast tissues phantom with Mueller matrix polarimetry have been investigated in this study. Polarized laser transmittion, including depolarization of wave applied to biological tissues provide a comprehensive frame work and simple way for diagnostic and treatment of skin lesion. He-Ne Laser ( λ =632.5 nm) imaging system is described for non invasive and non radioactive clinical procedure. The system generates 16 full out put Mueller matrices for characterization of tissues. This matrix along with optical images can characterize the normal and malignant tissues for diagnostic as will as treatment procedures of breast cancer. Although the in vitro measurements are smaller then in vivo, but this research work provides a base for designing quick model of polarized laser tissues culturing and imaging.

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