Tumor Segmentation and Visualization of Femur using MRI

C.-C. Ko, L.-Y. Yang, and C.-J. Lin (Taiwan)


Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Active Contour Model, Morphing, Marching Cubes, Phong shading model, Ray Casting.


Segmentation and visualization of femur and tumor on the femur are important tasks for surgeon in operation planning and disease treatment. Because MR slices can provide rich information about the disease, it is often used as a planning tool for diagnosis or surgeon operation. In this study, a series of segmentation techniques such as thresholding, mathematical morphology, and active contour model were proposed to detect tumors of femur, and extract its geometric shape. Then, an interpolation scheme based on morphological morphing was performed on the original slices to produce accurate and smooth intermediate slices and volumetric data between neighboring slices. Finally, the tumor on the femur was visualized using surface rendering based on Marching Cubes and Phong shading model under an interactive environment. Besides transparent volume rendering based on ray-casting was used to delineate the relative structure between the detected femur and the detected tumor. The proposed system provides various qualitative information including tumor location and shape for orthopedist for their treatment strategies.

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