Reconstruction of Topology Valid Boundary of Discrete Object from 3D Range Images

S. Gueorguieva and P. Desbarats (France)


discrete objects, boundary surface reconstruction, con trolled topology simplifying, isosurface extraction, march ing cube, triangular meshes, multiresolution


Isosurface extraction algorithms are widely used to gener ate meshes from range data. In order to describe objects in detail, huge meshes are used and often user interactiveness and fast rendering are privileged over description precision and validity. However, in a great number of applications as immersion systems for surgery simulation for example, validity of the resulting surface avoiding crack pathing and triangle degeneracies is primordial. In the present paper, a topology based approach is proposed in order to ensure the validity of the boundary reconstruc tion surface. The geometric embedment of the underlying data structure is also evaluated over different surface recon struction and representation resolutions.

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