An Iterative Method for 3D Reconstruction under Orthography

E. Kaliva and A. Delopoulos (Greece)


3D motion, 3D structure, 3D reconstruction, structure from motion, orthography, geometric algebra


1 Three-dimensional object reconstruction and the corre sponding estimation of motion and shape from two dimensional projections is a task of great importance in the fields of digital video processing, computer vision and specific areas of biomedicine, robotics, topography etc. Present work presents an iterative method for estimating the three-dimensional parameters needed for reconstruct ing the observed object. The geometric objects and their relationships have been modelled as elements of a 3D Geo metric Algebra. Extensive experiments indicate that the proposed algorithm is more robust to measurement noise - such as motion estimation errors - than traditional tools for extracting “structure from motion” (SFM) under the or thography assumption.

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