Flexible Hand-Held 3D Scanner and Its Applications

K. Kawasue and T. Ishimatsu (Japan)


Shape measurement, Vision, Image processing, Three dimensional measurement, CCD, Magnetic sensor.


Three-dimensional measurement has achieved a high level of satisfaction in limited fields. Nevertheless, if the measuring object includes complex parts, unmeasurable area exists for occlusions of the part on its surface in many cases. In order to reduce the unmeasurable area, we developed a measuring system using a CCD camera and 3D magnetic sensors. The system enables a separated free scanning of a CCD camera and a laser-slit using the 3D magnetic sensors. Many numbers of views of each model from different orientations can be taken on measuring the configuration between a CCD camera and a laser-slit simultaneously. The information of different views is combined to reconstruct the 3D object on a computer display. Our proposed system is applied to measure the 3D objects and water flow to demonstrate the feasibility of the system. Experimental results show the feasibility of our system.

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