Discrete and Continuous Reconstruction of 3D Scenes from Disparity Maps

A.J. Gallego Sánchez, R.Molina Carmona, and C. Villagrá Arnedo (Spain)


Disparity images, geometrical rectification, scene reconstruction.


A system to reconstruct three-dimensional scenes from stereo images is presented. It is based on a dense disparity image obtained by a process of window correlation. Starting from these images and after the application of a geometrical rectification, the 3D reconstruction of the scene is obtained. The geometrical rectification is essential to correct the conical perspective of the camera and to obtain real scenes. Two 3D reconstruction types will be compared, one made in a discrete way and the other in a continuous way to try to solve the problems of the discrete reconstruction. In the case of the discrete reconstruction, two variants of the geometrical rectification equation are also proposed.

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