Directionally Sensitive Bilinear Concealment for H264

A.J. Armstrong, S.T.C. Beesley, C. Grecos, and D.J. Parish (UK)


H264, AVC, Error Concealment, Filtering, Interpolation.


A new intra-frame/still image error concealment algorithm is presented in this paper. The focus here is on the H264 video coding standard. Extending the basic bilinear interpolation technique present in the standard, the algorithm makes use of the local neighbourhood of the macroblocks to be concealed in order to 1) jointly utilise information from horizontal neighbouring macroblocks as well as vertical ones and 2) take into account the presence of edges and adjust the filtering appropriately. In particular, the algorithm actively attempts to classify and weight the boundaries of the lost macroblocks in terms of their edge characteristics and subsequently fine-tunes in an adaptive manner the filtering parameters of bilinear interpolation. Experimental results show that there are both visual and PSNR (Peak signal-to-noise ratio) improvements in video test sequences for the same bit rates as H264, thus improving the end-user video quality over bilinear filtering.

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