Reversible Watermarking in the VQ-Compressed Domain

B. Yang (PRC), Z.-M. Lu (Germany), and S.-H. Sun (PRC)


Reversible watermarking, vector quantization, modified fast correlation based VQ


Many watermarking algorithms have been proposed based on the vector quantization (VQ) technique, which bases the watermark embedding and extracting schemes on the idea of quantization index modulation (QIM). We review in this paper VQ-based watermarking algorithms regarding the reversibility of VQ indices in the compressed domain. Considering the reversibility is usually traded with the compression performance, we propose a new reversible image watermarking algorithm using a modified version of the traditional fast correlation based VQ (FCVQ) and achieves both higher compression and watermarking performance than other algorithms. The advantages of the proposed modified FCVQ include the desirable compression performance and the independently applicability in the practical case without watermarking. Simulation results demonstrated our proposed algorithm. Comparisons between our algorithm and others are presented.

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