Shot Detection Method for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding

J. Sastre, G. Castelló, V. Naranjo, J.M. López, and A. Ferreras (Spain)


Low bit-rate video coding, real-time, shot detection.


This paper presents a low-complexity shot detection method for real-time low bit-rate video coding. It is ori ented on compression efficiency instead of indexing pur poses or scene analysis. Based on the macroblock in tra/inter decision information and two thresholds, one fixed and one adaptive, it provides robust scene change detec tion on camera motion, zoom, high motion scenes and low values of the frame rate, setting the minimum number of necessary but heavy refreshing points (intra frames) in the stream. Its excellent results lead Telef´onica Spanish com pany to implement it in several low bit-rate video mobile transmission applications. This is the case of the appli cation presented in this communication, called Miravideo, which transmits audio and video via GPRS and UMTS us ing the new shot detection method.

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