Image Compression with Adaptive Thresholding

G.K. Kharate, A.A. Ghatol, and P.P. Rege (India)


Daubechies, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Redundancy, irrelevancy, adaptive threshold.


Recently discrete wavelet transform and wavelet packet has emerged as popular techniques for image compression. This paper describes a new adaptive technique for threshold calculations. The algorithm is based on decomposition of images using Daubechies wavelet basis. Compression of image is based on reduction of redundancy and irrelevancy. Quantization is based on local threshold. We have proposed an adaptive thresholding for quantization, which is based on type of wavelet used, level of decomposition and nature of image (energy content in approximation and detail wavelet coefficients). Extensive result has been taken and tested on standard 256×256 level still colour images and line base images. The results are compared with discrete wavelet transform with constant threshold.

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